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The Relax Project seeks to erect a permanent public artwork, a 36-foot hammock, in an unused space between CSUF's Visual Arts department and their Nutwood parking structure.

The purpose of this project, other than it's bigger-than-life presence and impact, is to trigger a sense of relaxation and promote subconscious thought within a society of high-anxiety students, and the general public alike, as they enter or exit the campus, in a bigger-than-life way.

As a student, assignments, tests and an inconsistent schedule are all big concerns that come with a great deal of stress. It's very rare that a student is encouraged to take a little "R&R" during a semester. The Relax Project is a reminder that "everything will be OK." It is a deep breath. It's a sigh. An AHH! This project, if nothing else, will put a smile on the viewer's face.

This work of art is designed to be a confrontation, without the confrontation. Internal, but external too. It's taking a stand, not for laziness, but for one of the most important ingredients to a student's health: rest.

It's Due Next Week.
See You Next Week.
Western Zen.

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